Nongoma Defections No Loss

11 August 2013    



The IFP has responded to the news that three of its ward councillors from Nongoma defected to the ANC today, by saying that it is no loss and no surprise either.


"Since its inception in 1975, the IFP has suffered many instances of deceit and betrayal but we are still here. And we are stronger than ever," said Albert Mncwango, the IFP's Deputy National Chairperson and MP from Nongoma.


The three ward councillors from the IFP that left for the ANC join a long list of individuals who have, in the pursuit of greed and power, placed their personal interests ahead of the IFP's collective interest and well-being.


"We are reminded of the antics of power-hungry individuals such as Mr Ziba Jiyane and Mrs Magwaza-Msibi who now find themselves in the political wilderness. We have no doubt that these three ward councillors will realise the error of their ways and return to the IFP in due course," said Mncwango.


Mncwango, who is welcoming former members of the ANC to the IFP today, said the IFP is on an upward trajectory.


"As one of the major political players in KwaZulu Natal and South Africa at large, the IFP is gearing-up for the watershed 2014 national and provincial elections.  We have won a number of by-elections, increasing our support base in many areas, while taking many wards from the NFP and the ANC, most notably in Mpumalanga and President Zuma's home base of Nkandla," said Mncwango.


The IFP has its focus firmly set on regaining control of the province of KwaZulu Natal, while making inroads into areas where we did not wield power before.


"Today's development therefore is no setback to the plans we have in place to ensure that the IFP defies its critics and delivers a strong showing in the upcoming elections," concluded Mncwango.


Contact: Mr Albert Mncwango MP, 083 448 4896.