MEC Dube's Denial Reminds Us of Dina Pule

11th September 2013    



The IFP says KwaZulu-Natal COGTA MEC Nomusa Dube’s denial of any knowledge of her fiancé, Justin Dube’s business dealings with Umkhanyakude Municipality, reminds it of the denials of ex-Communications Minister Dina Pule. The party said it is therefore it in the political interest of Dube to ensure that allegations against her fiancé are independently and speedily investigated. This the party said in reaction to Sunday media reports that “a bankrupt (Umkhanyakude) Municipality” awarded several tenders amounting to R73,3 m. to Justin Ncube – her fiancé.


IFP Deputy National Spokesperson, Joshua Mazibuko said: “the IFP noted that KwaZulu-Natal COGTA MEC Nomusa Dube said she was not aware of the allegations against her fiancé, and that they do not talk about his tenders. We nevertheless find this disconcerting as it reminds us of the recent ex-Minister Dina Pule who vehemently denied anything which sought to associate her with favours done for her boyfriend with regards to government business opportunities. Pule was later found to have been lying. It is for this reason that the IFP believes that it is in MEC Dube’s political interest to ensure that these allegations are speedily investigated by an independent body, so that the truth will come out.


“In addition, we wish to see her taking a very tough stand against a Municipality which engages in such behaviour in the midst of public outcry against the business-for-pals approach, which empowers a few connected individuals. We will be watching the space”



For Further Information:

M. Joshua Mazibuko

IFP Deputy National Spokesperson

083 992 6135