ANC Hypocrisy Exposed

11 October 2013    


The IFP has lambasted the ANC for the stance it has taken against Umkhosi Womhlanga and in respect of the Traditional Courts Bill. The party said this in a statement issued today, in response to reports that the ANC Women’s League resolved that Umkhosi Womhlanga must be stopped because it violates the rights of women, as well as reports from the KwaZulu-Natal’s Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs Portfolio Committee meeting where ANC MPL’s chose to abstain instead  of supporting the Traditional Courts Bill.  


IFP Deputy National Spokesperson Joshua Mazibuko said: “The ANC Women’s League’s call for the abolition of Umkhosi Womhlanga and the ANC’s decision to abstain from supporting the Traditional Courts Bill which was before KwaZulu-Natal’s COGTA Portfolio Committee today, do not surprise us at all for they expose the ANC for what they really are.


“These positions adopted by the ANC expose the ANC as a party still trapped in foreign ideological outlook which views with disdain everything indigenous, and a thinking which is determined to foist upon our people everything foreign, regardless of the damage such ideologies may have on our beings as Africans.


“The ANC’s professed support for traditional forms of governance and behaviour has indeed been exposed as nothing but false propaganda meant to lure traditional leaders and communities to be used as step-ladders for the ANC to remain in political power. It is time that even those who were hoodwinked by the antics of the ANC realised that they are in a wrong company.


“On the other hand the IFP stands as unwavering champions of multiculturalism which accords space to all cultures, and especially cultures that were marginalised under apartheid. We are the unashamed advocates of traditional leadership and all traditional institutions which to us are not an antithesis of democracy.


For Further information:

M. Joshua Mazibuko

IFP Deputy National Spokesperson

083 992 6135