IFP to Join Jane Harley's Fight for Transport's RTI Victims

11 November 2014.

The IFP has thrown its weight behind the fight waged by Ms Jane Harley to ensure that there is justice for the families of the victims of the KwaZulu-Natal Department of Transport's Road Transport Inspectorate tragedy of 2012. According to yesterday's Witness newspaper, Ms Harley has resolved upon embarking on a crusade to ensure that the Commission's Report is released and that the government pays the victims. 

"The IFP promised that it will forward a question to the Premier with a view to pressurising him to release the whole report of the commission and to ensure that justice is being done to those who lost their lives," said IFP Member of the Provincial Legislature, Mr Joshua Mazibuko. 

"First, as the IFP we commend Ms Jane Harley for the fight she is taking up on behalf of the victims of the KwaZulu-Natal Department of Transport's RTI tragedy of 2012.Secondly, we commit ourselves to partner with her in this moral crusade she is involved in. We intend to challenge the Premier to tell the Legislature as to when he will release the whole report as well as ensure that reparations are paid to the families of the deceased and to the wounded," continued Mr Mazibuko. 

"It is completely unacceptable that up to now the government has not moved an inch to ensure that justice is seen to be done to the victims. Even more shocking is to know that even the four implicated officials have not been brought to book," concluded Mr Mazibuko. 

"Ms Harley's is a just fight worthy to be joined." 


M. Joshua Mazibuko; IFP MPL, 083 992 6135