IFP Decries Wholesale Slaughter of African Elephants for Chinese Consumers

11 December 2014. 

The Inkatha Freedom Party is abhorred by recent reports and allegations that the Zimbabwe and Chinese governments have concluded a secret deal to circumvent trade regulations and export up to 100 baby elephants to China in order to fuel the “out of control” illegal ivory trade in China. 

“The African Elephant or ‘Ndlovu’ as it is called in Zulu, will all but be extinct within a few years if this trend of wholesale slaughter and export of these animals to China and other countries in Asia is allowed to continue,” said IFP Spokesperson on the Environment, Mr Narend Singh, MP. 

“It has been reported, following an exposé by the Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force, that the Zimbabwe and Chinese governments had entered into a secret deal to circumvent trade regulations and export up to 100 baby elephants to China. When a baby elephant is separated from its mother it has a greater chance of dying from the absence of maternal support and comfort. This is one of the cruellest, torturous and barbaric forms of abuse a young mammal such as the elephant can face. It is then reared in horrific living conditions and later butchered for its ivory. Is this the African heritage we wish to leave our children? A heritage that Africa was open to the highest bidder, no matter the cost? An Africa under siege by foreign ‘economic’ colonialists? ” continued Singh, MP. 

“It is high time that all African countries started working together as one to collectively eradicate such barbarism from our continent. Africa should not be for sale to the highest bidder, no matter the price. One only hopes that Zimbabwe, through its Minister of Environment, Saviour Kasukuwere, has the collective wisdom to bring an immediate halt to this transaction and to repatriate the already captured and tormented baby elephants back into the immediate care of their mothers,” concluded Singh. 

The Inkatha Freedom Party also calls upon the South African Government, and in particular, the Minister of Environmental Affairs to immediately contact her counterpart in Zimbabwe and engage diplomatically, in order to halt this alleged transaction, and furthermore to ensure the future protection of  the  African elephants resident in Zimbabwe by enacting more stringent legislation which would curb any future form of this illegal and illicit trade, fuelled by consumer demand for Ivory in China.


IFP Spokesperson on Environment, Mr Narend Singh, MP, on 083 788 5954 

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