IFPYB - The Youth of Africa on Course to Build a Better Africa

12 March 2013           

"The youth of Africa is awake and alive to the realities of the modern world and are prepared to contribute constructively to the developmental discourse of the world in general and Africa in particular. Those African youth that have left home need to come back and be part and parcel of rebuilding Africa," said IFP Youth Brigade National Chairman, Mkhuleko Hlengwa MP after concluding a 3 day working visit to Berlin at the invitation of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation which had convened a Symposium on African Youth Perspectives. 

The Symposium was addressed by Former Ghanaian President John Kufour and Former German President Horst Kohler. 

"The discussions I have had with fellow African youth have undoubtedly convinced me further that the future of Africa is bright. The commitment and resolve to sort out our problems and confront our challenges resonates throughout the continent. We all agree on the need for socio-political stability, economic growth and development, education for liberation and democratic development," Hlengwa added. 

Education and unemployment ranked high on the agenda, "The importance of quality education cannot be overemphasised as it is key and central to the development of Africa. Skills training, particularly in scarce skills, should be a top priority for all African governments. The youth of Africa need jobs, and no effort should be spared in ensuring that the youth of Africa get those jobs." Hlengwa said. 

"Not all is bad in Africa, as many would have us believe; yes on one hand we lament the crisis situation in Mali, Somalia and the DRC. But on the other hand we applaud the progressive gains of Ghana and Malawi. The Kenyan elections are a point in case of Africa turning the corner. For this reason we remain hopeful that things in Zimbabwe will change for the better." 

He further added that, "We all recognise that Africa comes from a difficult past of colonialisation, oppression and war; and upon that past we must build a better Africa of which we can all be proud. Africa needs to rise up from the ashes and take its rightful place on the global stage, not as a dependant of nations but as an equal partner in the development of the world." 

Hlengwa also called on the international community to be consistent in the protection of human rights throughout the world. "Whilst we recognise that not all is hunky-dory in Africa, the same can be said about many other parts of the world. The silence of the international community on human rights abuses in Tibet is deafening. The people of Tibet deserve to live their lives as they deem fit." 

In conclusion Hlengwa said, "The collective gains of the liberation struggle need to be consolidated. We need to root out corruption and bring about good governance throughout the continent. The dreams, hopes and aspirations of the over 200 million youths of the African continent must be brought to life. Africa has a lot to offer the world, but first and foremost Africa needs to offer herself better and make optimum use of her skills, knowledge, resources and expertise." 

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