KZN Budget Cuts Must Not Endanger Service Delivery

12 March 2013          

The 2013/2014 KZN budget is a delicate balancing act where declining revenue and demographic changes will result in reduced funding but where reduced spending must not compromise key service delivery in education, health, agriculture and transport. 

“The new and existing cost-saving measures must be implemented consistently, monitored vigorously and communicated adequately so buy-in from every single civil servant in KZN is secured,” said Shadow KZN MEC for Finance Roman Liptak. 

The reduced equitable share for KZN must exert additional pressure on all government departments to spend their conditional grants, some of which have previously gone unspent due to poor planning, inadequate capacity and insufficient oversight. 

“South Africa’s debt is rising not as a result of overspending but insufficient economic growth and job creation and this is where the focus of the provincial government should be, as it lives up to its own catchphrase to ‘do more with less’,” said Liptak. 

The Official Opposition applauds the acknowledgement by the provincial government that government is not an employment agency and that job creation can only occur as a result of entrepreneurial activity in the private sector. 

“Support for small businesses, public infrastructure, and rural development and gender-based projects is welcomed but every single allocation must be monitored continuously for economic justification, performance and impact on job creation,” said Liptak. 

Further corruption fighting measures show the continued commitment of the provincial government to clean governance which has resulted in growing numbers of disciplinary proceedings against disgraced civil servants and more financial recovery. 

“The next step from here should be a shift of focus from small fry to big fish that are responsible for the management decisions that lead to fraud and corruption in government, and this will require greater political will from the political leadership,” said Liptak. 

The Official Opposition's contribution to the public debate about the provincial budget is an Alternative 2013/2014 Budget Framework for KwaZulu-Natal which is available for download on this website 

Contact: Roman Liptak, 078 302 0929