Taking-Legislature-to-the-People has Become an ANC Political Program

12 April 2013      

The IFP has castigated the KwaZulu-Natal Legislature’s Taking-Legislature-to-the-People Program as the ANC’s tool to advance party political propaganda instead of it being a truly multi-party forum for engagement with communities.

The Party’s Caucus Leader in the Legislature, Mr Blessed Gwala said the IFP has voiced this concern on numerous occasions before and nothing has been done to rectify it. Gwala continued: 

“The IFP is truly perturbed that what should be a multi-party Legislature program which gets Members of the Legislature to engage the communities, has been hijacked by the ruling ANC as its propaganda tool. 

“While the Legislature’s Multi-Party Committee, which is a forerunner to the TLTP, does comprise Members of all political parties, it is not the case when it comes to the TLTP itself. From the Program Directors to those who are major participants at TLTP programs, you only see ANC MPL’s; the opposition is totally ignored. What is worse, this forum, which is supposed to be presided over by the Speaker and her Legislature, has become a platform for the Executive where they parade themselves, bragging about their Department’s programs. This is totally wrong because MEC’s have their Departmental programs through which they account to the public. 

“Having spoken about this on numerous occasions, we - jointly with the DA - recently wrote to the Speaker of the Legislature, Ms Peggy Nkonyeni, asking for a meeting with her on this matter. Unfortunately the Speaker has not responded to our letter up to now. Should the Speaker ignore our plea for a meeting to sort this out, we as the IFP will have to consider our options in relation to the TLTP program.” 

For Further Information:
Blessed Gwala MPL – 078 290 5842
Leader of the Official Opposition