IFP Opens Case with Police After Posters Burned and Destroyed

12 April 2014.


The IFP has opened a case with the police today after the Party's posters were found to have been removed and burned in Umkomaas, south of Durban.


But what is most surprising about the incident is that the NFP's posters went up where the IFP ones were removed.


"We have opened a case with the police and we have asked them to leave no stone unturned to trap these culprits and we will be alerting the Independent Electoral Commission about this breach in the electoral code of conduct and malicious damage to property respectively," said Narend Singh MP, the IFP's National Campaign Committee (NCC) Chairperson and resident of Umkomaas.


The IFP said that this incident has again proved that the Party's rivals in KwaZulu Natal were not planning to abide by the electoral code of conduct in the lead-up to the 7 May poll.


"While we have no proof of who the alleged criminals are, it is telling that one of our main rivals, the NFP's posters replaced ours. This follows shortly after one of our members from Ulundi died allegedly at the hands of NFP members. We call on all those who are monitoring the elections, especially the IEC to take note of these extremely perturbing incidents, which places free and fair elections at risk," concluded Singh.



Contact: Mr Narend Singh MP, NCC Chairperson, on 083 788 5954.