IFP Calls on Opposition Parties to Take United Action Against SABC

12 April 2014.


The IFP has taken note of a City Press expose today on the crisis at the SABC and reiterated its call made yesterday for all opposition parties to meet and respond en bloc, in order to seek remedy to the current Hlaudification of the SABC. This has resulted in the unfair promotion of the ruling party, and discriminatory behaviour towards opposition parties. If needs be, we should seek redress from our Courts.


This comes as the IFP National Campaign Committee (NCC) today expressed its concern over the SABC's conduct, after it became apparent that the public broadcaster's staff in the North West was seemingly out to sabotage the IFP's election campaign efforts.


The IFP held an extremely successful rally in the North West on Saturday 12 April 2014, which the SABC at first confirmed they would attend - but later claimed they were unable to, because of "car trouble".


Mr Narend Singh MP, Chairperson of the NCC, said: "We have seen the SABC Chairperson Mrs Ellen Tshabalala openly campaign for the ANC. We have seen the Hlaudification of our news waves - Mr Hlaudi Motsoeneng, President Zuma's ally, routinely ensures lengthy coverage for himself and his friend President Zuma.


And just yesterday, we saw the removal of the DA's advertisement from the SABC's airwaves. It is therefore no surprise that the IFP was snubbed in Rustenburg, as thousands came out to show support for the Party."


The IFP was informed this morning that the SABC crew in the North West was on its way to the Party's event.


"The SABC crew ended-up being "on their way" to the event for three hours. Later we were informed that they had picked-up car trouble and would no longer attend. If this was an ANC event, the alleged car trouble, if any, would have been resolved speedily," said Singh.


This comes also amid weekend reports that SABC journalists were told to toe the line because the National Intelligence Agency was listening in on their calls. It is clear that fear, intimidation, propaganda and censorship are now part of daily life at the SABC.


"The SABC reaches the homes (via radio and television) of the vast majority of South Africans. It is a taxpayer-funded institution which is bound by its mandate, to serve all South Africans. A national election is only weeks away, and we should not allow the SABC yet again to pander, as it did in all previous elections, to the ruling party while snubbing opposition parties," concluded Singh.


Issued by

Mr Narend Singh MP, Chairperson of the NCC

Contact: 083 788 5954