IFP-Gauteng Convenes to Discuss the 2014 Election Plan

12 May 2013    


The Inkatha Freedom Party in Gauteng (IFP-Gauteng) met over three days from the 10th to the 12 May 2013 at the Summer Place Hotel to deliberate on the 2014 election strategy and plan.


Steered by the chairmanship of Mr. Nhlanhla Msimango these are some of the issues that arose from the meeting:


In preparation for the 2014 National General Elections, the meeting agreed to set its sight on increasing its percentage to above 5 percent lost by the IFP in the Gauteng Provincial Legislature (GPL). One way to achieve this goal would be to revive and resuscitate all structures in the province to make certain that they are ready for the election battle.


In addition to this it was taken on that the MPs, Councillors, MPLs, Youth Brigade, the Districts and the Gauteng Provincial Legislature team will work closely to proactively communicate one message of the IFP in the province, in order to encourage already existing voters as well as lure in new voters.


The meeting also developed an election calendar consisting of events aimed at campaigning for votes and creating awareness among the voters in all respective regions.


Echoing on the plans of SADESMO, IFP-Gauteng agreed to also make "born frees" an integral part of the election plan by tackling issues such as unemployment and joblessness among others.


Prime to the resolutions of the meeting was an agreement that the IFP-GP will continue tackling the issues of Housing, Transport, E-toll, unemployment, homelessness and champion them in the province.


The IFP-Gauteng committed itself to unity discipline and hard work to make sure that this programme is realized.

On the 9th of June 2013 the entire IFP members will gather at the Johannesburg City Hall to discuss this election plan and enrol 10 000 volunteers.



Contact: IFP Provincial Chairperson, Nhlanhla Msimango, 074 2590 820


IFP Media Liaison Officer, Musa Ngobeni; 079 412 9757