IFP KZN Programme of Action

12 July 2013    


At a press conference yesterday IFP KwaZulu-Natal Provincial Secretary, Mr Velenkosini Hlabisa, presented the IFP KZN programme of action.


Mr Hlabisa was accompanied by the IFP KZN Provincial Executive, including the Chairperson, Mr Mbangiseni Yengwa.


“The IFP KZN PEC held a Leadership Summit on the 5th – 7th July 2013 in which it resolved to win back KZN with a majority of 60%. We think that it is very important to return good governance to KZN. It is the only way to root corruption out,” Hlabisa said.


“It is the only way to ensure that the quality of education for all the people of KZN is improved and not just those who go to Private or Model C Schools. Education is very important to the IFP and by winning KZN back we can reverse the decline whilst it was in the hands of the ruling party,” he added.


“We are working hard to ensure that for the sake of the people of KZN the IFP is able to KZN back,” concluded Hlabisa.




Mr Velenkosini Fiki Hlabisa, IFP KZN Provincial Secretary, 082 873 3685


Mr Mbangiseni Yengwa, IFP Provincial Chairperson, 082 253 379