Ndaka Should Not Be Manipulated by Ruling Party Rhetoric

12th August 2014.


The IFP calls on the ANC to stop trying to drag the IFP name through the mud and for the people of Ndaka to not be manipulated by the empty promises of the ruling party.


The IFP Chairperson in Ndaka Ward 4, Cllr Bhekokwakhe Majola today said, "We are very surprised by the ANC's statement that as the IFP we have failed Ndaka. The people of Ndaka should know that as a party, we took a stand to chase out the Municipal Manager Cllr Sinatra Khumalo and yet he was defended by the ANC, together with the NFP, just because they wanted to continue sweeping their corruption under the carpet"


"As the IFP we are tired of being blamed for the wrong reasons. The people of Ndaka should be left to make their mark in Wednesday's by-election. The people also know that voting for the NFP or the ANC means that they will be subject to constant promises of delivery, but nothing will happen, just like other areas that the ANC governs"


Water is one of the most critical issues that is plaguing the people of Ndaka and the ANC claims that it will deliver "as soon as possible".


"The IFP has tried consistently to bring uninterrupted water supplies to the people of Ndaka - however, due to the ANC constantly giving tenders to its allies, this has not been possible. As we desire to ensure that services are brought to the people, it is the IFP's priority to do so.


The claims of instant service delivery from the ANC failed to mention how people living in Ward 1 and 8 are not only living under harsh conditions, but are not receiving proper services from the ANC"


The IFP Chairperson in Ndaka Ward 4

Cllr Bhekokwakhe Majola

078 313 4638

082 611 8548


For Media enquiries: 

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