SADESMO Express Concern At Fees Increases of Tertiary Institutions

12 November 2013    



SADESMO express concern at fees increases of tertiary institutions


Sizwe Simelane, National Secretary General of South African Democratic Student Movement (SADESMO) has expressed devastation at the increase of education institution fees in South Africa. “Twenty years in democracy, we are still struggling to get affordable quality education. Instead of improving the situation it just seems to be getting worse,” said Simelane.


The government is letting us down. It should be helping us prepare for our future by making education affordable for all and not just the already entitled few. Something must be done and it must be done quickly,” said Simelane.


“Where is this ‘free education’ we being promised by the government and what system has been put in place to monitor it?” asked Simelane.


“Sadly it is the poorest of the poor who will feel the brunt of this decision and also discourage many from trying to study further. This decision simply enforces the class system making the rich better educated than the poor,” he added.


“This increase follows many unresolved issues, such as National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS). Many students are struggling to get in-service training and are receiving letters from NSFAS for an increase in their loans whilst still job seeking. It makes us wonder what the government doing about it.” said Simelane.


“As SADESMO we think the Minister of Higher Education, Mr. Blade Nzimande, is responsible for the problem facing us these institutions. Why is he so silent?” concluded Simelane.




Sizwe Simelane

National Secretary General of SADESMO