Rhino Poaching Figures Horrific

12 December 2014. 

The Inkatha Freedom Party decries the fact that this government has once again failed to adequately protect the rhino of South Africa. 2014 saw rhino poaching figures reach a horrific 1116 rhino killed as at 10 December. 

IFP Chief Whip in Parliament and spokesperson on Environmental Affairs, Mr Narend Singh, MP, said, ”We have observed a steady year-on-year increase in the brutal killing of rhino in this country in order to satisfy illegal demand for rhino horn overseas. Government still appears to be ‘lukewarm’ on the matter of protecting our rhino and this must change. We call for immediate and greater allocation of logistical and human resources especially from the ranks of our SAPS and the SANDF, as well as greater resource allocation for the specialised training and deployment of anti-rhino poaching units. Make no mistake, we are at war to save our indigenous wildlife and government must be fully committed if we are to ever have any chance of eradicating this scourge from within our borders.” 

“Our courts and legislation must enable the most stringent criminal sanction to be meted out to those found guilty of this crime against our rhino, our people and our country and no effort must be spared, “concluded Singh, MP.


IFP spokesperson on Environmental Affairs, Mr Narend Singh, MP, on 083 788 5954


IFP Media, Parliament