Cabinet Energy 'War Room' A Welcome Intervention

12 December 2014. 

The Inkatha Freedom Party welcomes the acknowledgement by government that there is an energy crisis in this country, and the subsequent intervention of cabinet and five point plan adopted to deal with such crisis. 

IFP spokesperson on Energy, Mr Essie Esterhuizen, MP, said, ”This crisis did not occur overnight. Eskom has systematically and over a sustained period of time failed this country. The blame for this crisis must rest squarely upon their shoulders; they never planned or spent for tomorrow. Planned maintenance of infrastructure was clearly thought of as unnecessary and that is why we presently face the real danger of a complete grid collapse.” 

“I am advised that at this stage, Eskom can only generate electricity at approximately 67% of its capacity. This is tantamount to the sabotage of our economy! Cabinet’s intervention must include a decisive clean sweep of all that is found to be inept and incompetent within the ranks of management at this power utility. They have failed and must be held to account; not rewarded with bonuses,” concluded Esterhuizen, MP.


IFP spokesperson on Energy, Mr Essie Esterhuizen, MP, on 083 379 2391

IFP Media, Parliament