Transport Ministry Deserves to Be Commended

12 December 2014. 

"The Transport ministry must be commended for their efforts at curbing the death rates on our roads, especially during the holiday season. The 7 traffic stops that they have set up around the country will hopefully help keep our roads safer and ensure that those who endanger others on the roads are arrested" said IFP spokesperson on Transport, Mr Petros Sithole, MP. 

This comes as the festive season has begun and signals an increase in long distance driving as people make their way to holiday destinations or back to their homes, especially in rural areas. 

"The Deputy Minister of Transport, Ms Sindisiwe Chikunga, stated that in Sweden, the death of 300 people on the country's roads represents a crisis for that country. In our country, however, we see death tolls of over a 1000 every holiday season, which is extremely tragic. 

We need to change the mindset of drivers, specifically taxis and buses, so that more caution is taken when driving long distance. Drivers must be well rested before they engage on these long distances so as to ensure that everyone arrives safely at their destination" said Sithole. 

"These roadblocks have already yielded results - the most shocking being a 15 seater minibus taxi being stopped carrying 27 passengers from Zimbabwe, with 15 young women with no documentation, including the driver. It calls to question as to how these young women made it past the border and how is it that the transport ministry has to do what Home Affairs failed to do".

The IFP wishes all South Africans safe travels and a great holiday season.


Mr KP Sithole, MP, on 082 743 1348 

IFP Media, Parliament