SA Deputy President Not A Universal Panacea for Failing Government

12 December 2014. 

The Inkatha Freedom Party is surprised at the recent move by government to place certain parastatals under the quasi curatorship of the Deputy President, Hon Cyril Ramaphosa. 

IFP Chief Whip and spokesperson on Public Enterprises, Mr Narend Singh, MP, said, ”This is tantamount to a formal admission by government of the serious and multiple failures of the Department of Public Enterprises and of its Minister, the Hon. Lynne Brown. It is certainly not a good story tell and is definitely one which could herald the beginning of the end of ANC rule in South Africa.

"This is also not a story that has just unfolded; it has been unfolding since 1994.” 

“The Deputy President, although widely regarded as an astute businessman, is not a universal panacea to multifaceted failures on multiple fronts and in different parastatals. The government is trying to ‘window dress’ a crisis in which it is fast losing all control. SAA has had more turnaround strategies in recent years than I care to count. The problem boils down to lack of sound leadership, strategic planning and solid corporate governance. These fundamentals must be addressed before any turnaround is possible,” continued Singh. 

“ If the Deputy President hopes to have any chance at resuscitating these failed parastatals he must start by aggressively rooting out corruption, incompetence and ineptitude from within their respective ranks of management. These must find no safe haven. This is a good way to start,” concluded Singh.


IFP Spokesperson on Public Enterprises, Mr Narend Singh, MP on 083 788 5954 

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