Tony Yengeni Must Accept Responsibility

13 August 2013    


The IFP urges Tony Yengeni and those close to him to stop accusing police officials of targeting him when they are merely doing their job.


IFP Spokesperson on Police, Mr Velaphi Ndlovu (MP) said, “Politicians seem to have a habit of accusing officials of targeting them when they have been caught breaking the law. Tony Yengeni was arrested because of drunken driving, which was the same offence he was guilty of in his previous arrest.”


Ndlovu added, “Police officials are there to save people’s lives and by arresting Yengeni, they removed the potential of a drunken driving accident occurring, which may have resulted in people losing their lives. No amount of blame shifting can justify Yengeni driving while intoxicated”


“We hope that if found guilty, Yengeni will be stripped of his driver’s licence and suspended for a number of years, as he is a danger to other people on the road and society at large,” concluded Ndlovu.


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IFP Spokesperson on Police, 083 625 0803


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IFP Parliamentary Media Liaison Officer, Ms Boniswa Tiwe, 072 497 1252