IFP Exposes Police Involvement In Political Violence In KwaMashu

14 March 2014.


The IFP expressed shock and has called for swift action against the South African Police Force after the death of one of its supporters in KwaMashu, allegedly at the hands of police officers.


"The IFP calls on IPID to immediately launch an investigation into the murder of Mr Mfihleni Velenkosini Mahiye, 33, who hails from Ulundi. He died at 12:30 this morning allegedly at the hands of the police who broke down the door to his room and proceeded to shoot at him while he was sleeping. He died in a hail of bullets. His girlfriend miraculously escaped," said Mr Albert Mncwango MP, the IFP's Deputy National Chairperson.


The incident has again brought to the fore the conduct of some members of the police, who instead of protecting those it is meant to serve, has become a law onto themselves and acts with impunity.


"But more importantly this vindicates our belief that the police have been fuelling violence in KwaMashu, under the guise of it being political violence.

It also confirms our belief that the SAPS itself is to blame for the violence that has reared its ugly head in KwaMashu. It should also be remembered that those who mysteriously abducted our Councillor Mr Xulu posed as police officers.


He was later found brutally murdered just outside KwaMashu. Therefore, the question remains whether Mr Xulu was in fact murdered by police officers. The contrary has not yet been proven," said Mncwango.


Mncwango added that the IFP will not rest until those who are responsible for this merciless killing of an ordinary citizen are behind bars.


"It is very likely that Mr Mahiye lost his life because of his political affiliation with the IFP. If this is the case then the very notion of a free and fair election is in doubt. It is now also abundantly clear that there is very little difference between the ordinary thugs on the street and some police officers operating in KwaMashu," said Mr Albert Mncwango MP, the IFP's Deputy National Chairperson.


Contact: Mr Albert Mncwango MP, on 083 448 4896.