Voters Cheated

September 14, 2005

The National Organiser of the IFP, Mr Albert Mncwango today announced that the IFP had not been successful in its court action against Prof. S. Maphalala, MPL, and that the IFP had already filed an application for leave to appeal.

Mr Mncwango said:

"Sadly we have lost the case but we have already filed an application for leave to appeal. We did so in our belief that democracy needs to be vigilantly guarded, otherwise it will be stolen in the same way that the floor-crossing legislation allows individuals to steal votes away from the people of South Africa, even though the people themselves have not changed their allegiance to the party they voted for."

"The sad reality is that it is the voters who have once again been cheated. Thousands of voters lose their representation in parliament, which they vote for, simply because "professional politicians" change from party to party to keep the status and personal benefits of being a member of parliament. There is simply no way to justify this immoral, undemocratic practice."

Mr Albert Mncwango - 083 448 4896