Kagiso Housing Issue Needs to Be Resolved

14 October 2013    



The IFP calls on the minister of human settlements to urgently intervene in the Kagiso housing debacle.


IFP Spokesperson on human settlements, MP Petros Sithole, said "I visited a Kagiso hostel this weekend where I found that after almost eight years people have been using containers as homes since being moved out of their hostels. Promises were made that after three months, the hostels would be renovated and they would be allowed to move back in, yet none of that happened"


Ten people have already died due to this situation due to severe weather conditions, and the community has been without water for a month.


Sithole further stated that "The Gauteng provincial department of human settlements failed to provide any answers as to why, after so long, people are still living in containers. The area is filthy and people are exposed to many diseases; at the same time, the community has been told to pay R700 to be allowed to move back to the hostels, which was not agreed upon when they initially moved out"


The IFP sees this as disgraceful and the provincial human settlement leadership must account for their failure to deal with this issue and must account to the community why it has not happened and when it will be resolved.


Issued by:

Mr.Petros Sithole MP, IFP Spokesperson on Human Settlements on 082 743 1348


Or contact 

Mr Phendulani Biyase, IFP Media Liaison Officer on 073 024 5675