IFP Joins Mission to Save Our Lions

15 March 2014.


Today IFP MP, Dr Mario Oriani-Ambrosini, was honoured to receive the petition of the Global March Against Canned Lion Hunting outside Parliament in Cape Town. Dr Ambrosini accepted the petition on behalf of IFP President, Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi MP, who has undertaken to deliver it to the Speaker of the National Assembly, the Hon. Mr Max Sisulu, to be circulated to all Members of Parliament.


The march in Cape Town was one of 46 marches in cities across the world, to call attention to the plight of lions bred in captivity for the sole purpose of becoming trophies of a staged hunt. These lions face a brutal life and undignified death.


The IFP believes that Government has a duty to ban the cowardly practice of canned lion hunting. Accordingly, the Chief Whip of the IFP tabled a Motion in Parliament this week, which was adopted, in which Parliament urges Government to immediately amend South Africa's laws to fully protect our wildlife, particularly the lion, rhino and elephant.


This was a victory for our wildlife. But more must be done. The IFP commits to continue working on behalf of our lions, to ensure they live the dignified life they deserve.


Receiving the petition, Dr Ambrosini said, "It is a matter of the civility, values and humanity which inform our society. If we fail in this respect, we have little hope to rise to the challenges of being humane with one another when it comes to the big social issues confronting South Africa."


Photos of the march are available on the IFP's Facebook page Facebook/


CONTACT:    Dr Mario Ambrosini MP 082 556 0240