IFP to Unveil its Solution to Land Reform Crisis

15 April 2014.


For the IFP the upcoming elections will not only hinge on political parties' positions on land reform but the issue of traditional leadership will also be a critical matter on which the electorate would base their decision on who to vote for on May 7, 2014.


Land reform policies affect how we produce our own food, protect our food security, and seize socio-economic opportunities. But when it comes to land reform, the current government has made very little progress in the past 20 years.


Moreover, the IFP recognises that, since 1994, traditional leaders have slowly seen their authority eroded. Our leaders no longer decide how communal land is administered.


At the press briefing tomorrow, senior IFP leadership will outline the party's views on how to fix land reform in South Africa as well as its policies on Traditional Leadership.



Details are as follows:


Date: Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Time: 11h00

Venue: IFP Media Room, Ist Floor, 2 Durban Club Place, Durban.


All media are invited to attend.


Contact: Thabisile Mkhize on 073 522 1786