IFPYB - Attacks on the Public Protector Are Sexist

15th September 2014.


The IFP Youth Brigade has called on South Africans to stand in solidarity with Chapter 9 Institutions in general and the Public Protector in particular, whose office has faced a barrage of unwarranted attacks over the past few days.


IFPYB Chairperson, Mkhuleko Hlengwa MP, said "The Deputy Minister of Defence really needs to leave the Public Protector alone; his continued attacks on the Public Protector must come to an end. The Deputy Minister is a sexist character who through his gaffes will reverse the gains and achievements of the women's struggle.


This man is painstakingly obsessed with Advocate Thuli Madonsela who has done a lot for our democracy. The Deputy Minister is attacking the Public Protector for no reason save that he is trying to salvage the credibility of his questionable struggle credentials. We are obviously dealing with a sexist male chauvinist who preys on the integrity and character of women, in particular the Public Protector."


Moreover Hlengwa said "We cannot accept a situation whereby our democratic institutions will be held to ransom by the MKMVA. South Africa is a democratic state founded through negotiations rendering the MKMVA both useless in the struggle and irrelevant to our democratic discourse; we are not a military state."


The work of Chapter 9 Institutions is to strengthen our democracy and consolidate our gains therefore all criticism directed at these institutions must be factually constructive and not these recurring spews of emotional vitriol. The Public Protector is doing great work for our country and needs our support; she deserves that much. We must not allow the Deputy Minister to cast unsubstantiated claims over the work of a great South African. We also reject and condemn his half-hearted apology."


For further information, please contact:

Mkhuleko Hlengwa MP

IFPYB National Chairperson

076 521 3221 (alternative 083 871 2711