Bogus Colleges Must Be Eradicated From Our Educational Landscape

16 January 2013      


The IFP calls on for urgent action against bogus colleges which are ruthlessly exploiting the poorest of the poor.


IFP Spokesperson on Education, Mr Alfred Mpontshane MP, said "Our learners must be advised by the Department of Education during grades 11 and 12 through specially designed guidance programmes as to how to correctly identify and apply to legitimate institutes of higher learning. The problem of bogus colleges must be tackled through a two pronged approach, firstly by educating students and their parents as to how to identify such 'bogus' colleges, and secondly, by the Department of Education and associated law enforcement agencies through legal intervention."


"The IFP believes that our rural communities are the most vulnerable to bogus colleges and therefore urges the department of education to establish immediate outreach programmes to these areas advising students and parents of students to be aware of such unscrupulous institutes. Learners should always verify the institute they are applying to with the Department of Education before paying any fees," said Mpontshane.


The IFP would like to urge all affected parties, the South African Qualifications Authority, Umalusi, teachers unions, universities, Provincial Department's of Education, police and parents organisations to work together with the Department of Higher Education in fighting the scourge of bogus colleges.


Furthermore, the IFP would like to commend the Hawks for a job well done on the arrest of the individuals running a bogus college in Limpopo which has been operating illegally for the last 12 years. We trust that these individuals will feel the full might of our judiciary should they be found guilty of running such an operation.


Contact: IFP Spokesperson on Education, Hon Alfred Mpontshane, 083 441 6201


IFP Parliamentary Caucus Media Liaison Officer, Mr Phendulani Biyase, 073 024 5675