What happened to Batho Pele?

Durban: February 16, 2005

Six years later; after the Public Protector was asked to investigate the causes of delays in communication in Public Administration; the report has come to the Portfolio Committee.

From the reports, it clearly states that there was no improvement in service delivery. Clearly, government institutions are not “user friendly”. The lack of skills and appropriate contributes significantly to the low levels of service delivery.

The IFP says: NO MORE policies, no more legislation but proper adherence. From the report the finding shows 47 reasons for the causes of delay in communication.

Also, the attitude of public servants, lacks compassion caring and public servants are ignorant to there constitutional obligations.

Services delivery must be at an acceptable standard and hence the issue of accountability must be properly adhered to.

Dr Usha Roopnarain
082 923 1038