On the Passing of the Hon. Dr Mario Oriani-Ambrosini MP

Press Statement by the Family

16th August 2014.


It is with deep sadness that we, the family of Dr Mario Oriani-Ambrosini, advise of his passing in the early hours of this morning, after a long and courageous battle with terminal Lung Cancer.


We wish to thank everyone who offered such tremendous support over the past 19 months. The love and warmth shown to him and to us from so many friends has been deeply appreciated.


Mario fought many battles throughout his life, but this was no doubt his toughest. Nonetheless, he continued to fight, not only for his own sake, but on behalf of the countless people who face this same battle.


Mario has always been in total command of his life. Since day one when diagnosed with terminal cancer without any previous symptoms, he decided on his course of treatment and adjusted it according to his own research, studies and experimentations. He remained true to his own character, right up to the end.


Through the introduction of his Medical Innovation Bill, he was fighting for the right of individuals to make decisions over their own body and their own lives.


His contribution to the fight against cancer will be remembered forever with appreciation and his work will be continued through the Cancer Treatment Campaign, which he started early this year.


Everyone who knew Mario, knows that he spent his life pushing the limits but always for the greater good. This is what made him the remarkable warrior that he was.


He will be remembered though not only as a warrior, but as a caring husband and a loving father, completely dedicated to his son, Luke.


Funeral arrangements will be announced in due course.


The family requests that their privacy be respected at this difficult time.