Referring to ANC As Artwork is Absurd

16 October 2013    


In a strongly-worded statement issued today, the IFP has lambasted eThekwini Municipality for referring to the ANC Women's leadership banner as the work of art, thus justifying why the banner occupies the prominent Municipal space at corner of Drs AB Xuma and Yusuf Dadoo Streets in Durban.


This the Municipality said in a statement in which it was apparently responding to the Daily News enquiry. The Municipal statement issued on 9 October by Spokesperson Thabo Mofokeng stated that “the ANC posters are legal and the Municipality does not put stickers on election posters.” The statement went on say “the artwork at the corner of Dr A B Xuma and Dr Yusuf Dadoo Street is legal as it was approved by the Municipality’s Parks, Recreation and Culture Unit (PRC), which manages the site. Any member of the public wishing to utilise the space for advertising can send an application to the Municipality, through the PRC office at the telephone number: 031 311 4507, and after certain factors have been taken into consideration, the application can be considered.”


The second statement issued on 10 October further stated: “The artwork at the corner of Dr A B Xuma and Dr Yusuf Dadoo Street is legal as indicated in a previous response. There are no charges for advertising in these areas. This space is only allowed to advertise historical events from 50 years and above as well as special events and those that are National and relevant to people such as the BRICS, World Aids Day, Cancer, 16 Days of Activism and others.”


IFP Deputy National Spokesperson Joshua Mazibuko in reaction said it was absurd to refer to the banner of ANC leaders as the work of art which must enjoy such a prominent public space free-of-charge. “Since when has a political organisation governing a country been a work of art?”


Mazibuko asked. “It is really disgusting that the ANC has the temerity to use government power and resources with impunity to gain an unfair advantage over other political players, by blatantly marketing themselves under the guise of being the work of art. This indeed is a classic example of a party drunk with political power to the extent of treating citizens as their property that must willy-nilly dance to the ANC music. I really do not think the people of South Africa would want any more evidence to prove that the ANC has indeed turned our country their fiefdom.


“The IFP will definitely use all available legal options to fight this naked abuse of power.”



For Further Information:

M. Joshua Mazibuko

IFP Deputy National Spokesperson                         

083 992 6135