"Boesak's pardon a tip of the iceberg"

Durban: January 17, 2005

It is unimaginable that the Presidential pardon of Dr Allan Boesak is merely an isolated case.

"The IFP trusts that this pardon is merely a tip of the iceberg and that numerous other pardons will now follow. The IFP has submitted 394 names for pardon to the President on behalf of prisoners who committed crimes with political motives. Numerous other applications were also submitted by other interested parties and nothing has been done so far," said Mr Koos van der Merwe MP, Chief Whip and Justice spokesperson of the IFP.

"After a decade of democratic freedom a comprehensive Grand Reconciliation Amnesty by the President should now put to rest our conflict of the past," he concluded.

Contact: Mr JH van der Merwe
082 4444 944

Issued by: Dot Samaai
082 966 5829