KZN Legislature Programme in KwaXimba Abandoned
due to ANC Factions

17 April 2013    


 The Inkatha Freedom Party in KwaZulu-Natal expresses its dismay after a Legislature programme scheduled to take place at the KwaDenge Sports Field at KwaXimba in the Ethekwini Outer West Region had to be abandoned due to opposing factions within the ANC.


The meeting was part of the Multi Party Public Consultation Programme leading up to next week's Taking Legislature to the People in Merebank. Two opposing factions gathered at the sportsfield. While some people wanted the ANC ward councillor to be expelled others wanted their concerns to be heard. They said that their concerns go way back to 2010 and the ANC has not addressed them.


"We are concerned as the IFP that internal squabbles of the ANC now spill out into the public arena to the extent that it disrupts the work of the Legislature. Democratic processes are being undermined and service delivery to the people of eThekwini is being hampered. It is unfortunate that the voices of the people of the Outer West Region could not be heard," said Honourable Blessed Gwala, Leader of the Official Opposition in KwaZulu-Natal.


The IFPs concern stems from knowing that the Legislature spends thousands of rands on the procurement of transport, food, sound system and infrastructure at these events. With the event not having achieved its intended purpose, this can be viewed at wasteful expenditure.


The meeting had to be abandoned after people disrupted the proceedings by singing and throwing things around. Many people stated that the community was not properly informed about the meeting and its purpose. They also said that transport was only sent to certain sections with the exclusion of others.


The ANC must get its house in order and not allow unruly members within its ranks to disrupt the activities of the Legislature, said Hon Gwala.


Contact: Honourable MB Gwala
Leader of the Official Opposition in KwaZulu-Natal
078 290 5842