No ANC 'Good Story to Tell' for Many Communities

17 April 2014.


“There is no ‘good story to tell’ for many communities who still do not have basic services or infrastructure after 20 years of democracy,” said IFP spokesperson on Human Settlements, Mr Petros Sithole.


eLuthulini residents in the Eastern Cape are still burning wood to cook food, as they have no electricity. Not only do they not have a reliable water source, they also still use dirt roads when they travel.


“In many rural communities – Ward 8 and 40 in Tshwane are other examples - people have had no electricity since the dawn of democracy. These are not isolated cases; there are many communities all over the country that do not have electricity. Many people have no housing and sanitation; they still use the bucket-toilet system and pit-toilets - where is the good story to be told?” asked Sithole.


“The ANC is spreading its election propaganda by telling people that it has changed people’s lives, and the party has ‘a good story to tell’, but the reality on the ground is very different. The ANC’s slogan masks a story of pain, suffering and misery - and the ANC certainly has no end to the number of ‘bad stories to tell’ about the party’s performance over the past 20 years”


The IFP appeals to all voters that on May 7 they can change the course of history by voting out an ANC that has become corrupt, an ANC that has changed for the worse.


“The IFP notes that the ANC is permanently looking back and it is difficult to know whether such a party knows how to look to the future for the benefit of our country”



Issued by: 

Mr Petros Sithole, IFP spokesperson on Human Settlements, 082 743 1348


For media enquiries contact:

Mr Phendulani Biyase, IFP Media Officer, 073 024 5675