Government Building on Verge of Collapse

17 May 2013   


The IFP is deeply disturbed and concerned at the atrocious and hazardous conditions that some Gauteng government departments are operating in. IFP Spokesperson on Public Works, Mr Petros Sithole MP said, "This building is utilised by three Gauteng departments and is considered unsafe due to several health hazards. It is poorly ventilated, there are leakages everywhere and emergency exits are blocked. The working environment in this building is not conducive for human habitation and puts lives at risk."


With the recent collapse of a building in Bangladesh, that killed over 1 127 workers, it is unacceptable that a similar incident could take place on our shores.


"Ironically, the building is owned by the department of Infrastructure Development. The three government departments occupying the building now face court proceedings for failing to adhere to safety regulations," said Sithole.


The IFP calls on the Gauteng Provincial government to investigate how many of its buildings are in a dilapidated state. Those implicated in not adhering to safety regulations must face the consequences as workers could lose their lives.


Issued by:
IFP Spokesperson on Public Works
Mr Petros Sithole, MP, 082 743 1348