Dube Hostel Protest - A Ticking Bomb!

17 July 2013    


IFP spokesperson on Human Settlements, Mr Petros Sithole MP urges the Department of Human Settlements in Gauteng to move speedily in improving and developing hostels such as Dube Hostel in Gauteng, where residents have been violently protesting against debilitating conditions.


“What is happening in Dube Hostel is the ticking bomb that we debated about in the Budget Vote debate on Human Settlements. Our hostels are neglected by the Department of Human Settlements. Hostel residents are living under extremely poor conditions that even pigs could not live under,” said Sithole.


“What makes matters worse is that there are no management bodies looking after maintenance of these hostels,” Sithole added.


“The Gauteng Department of Human Settlements must stop with its promises and be practical in improving hostels. Residents of Hostels are tired of the empty rhetoric. They want to see development and service delivery in action. This is yet another example of the ruling party not delivering on its promises to the people of South Africa,” said Sithole.


The IFP urges government to establish management bodies that will be in charge of managing hostels and overseeing their development and maintenance.




IFP Spokesperson on Human Settlements, Mr Petros Sithole MP, 079 311 9995


IFP Parliamentary Caucus’ Media Liaison Officer, Ms Boniswa Tiwe, 072 497 1252