IFP President to inaugurate over 100 Branches

August 17, 2005

The IFP's National Organiser, Mr Albert Mncwango, MP, today announced that the President of the IFP, Prince M.G. Buthelezi would be present at the inauguration of more than 100 IFP branches in Amajuba and Umzinyathi over the upcoming weekend.

The Amajuba event will take place on Saturday, 20th August 2005 at the Osiszweni Stadium in Newcastle, where Prince Buthelezi is expected to inaugurate 20 branches. The event will begin at 10h00.

The UMnzinyathi event will take place on Sunday, 21st August 2005 in Inkosi Molefe's area, next to the Molefe Traditional Court, in Nqutu. Prince Buthelezi is expected to inaugurate 90 branches. This event will start at 10h00.

Mr Mncwango said:

"These inaugurations are a good sign that the IFP at grassroots level is very active and that the vast majority of our members are renewing their membership. It is also extremely exciting to be getting a whole new generation of membership, especially in these interesting political times. In spite of all media projections and analysis, the good news is that IFP members and supporters are not being led astray by latter-day Pied Pipers with their off-key political tunes."

Mr Albert Mncwango - 083 448 4896