IFP Commends Efforts to Secure Repatriation of Bodies From Nigeria

17 November 2014.

The Inkatha Freedom Party commends the efforts of Minister Jeff Radebe in securing the repatriation of the bodies of those South Africans killed in the Nigerian church building collapse, back to South Africa. 

Inkatha Freedom Party Secretary-General, Ms SJ Nkomo, MP, said,” We are very pleased with the diplomatic efforts of Minister Radebe in securing the repatriation of the bodies of the deceased victims of this tragedy back to South Africa. It has been 65 days since the disaster. The families in South Africa can now at last, obtain some measure of closure as they attend to the final burial rites of their loved ones.” 

“The Inkatha Freedom Party once again, sends its heartfelt condolences to all those who lost family and friends in this tragedy. We mourn with you. South Africa mourns with you,” concluded Nkomo. 

Ms SJ Nkomo, MP, on 076 553 1240


IFP Media, Parliament