ANC Busses People in from Other Wards
to Swing Ward 4 By-Election in Jozini

18 April 2013    


The IFP has confirmed that the ANC is transporting people from other wards around Mkhanyakude, Northern KwaZulu Natal to register for a by-election in Ward 04 in Jozini, scheduled for May 22.


IFP Women Brigade Chairperson, Mrs Thembeni KaMaDlopha-Mthethwa said, "The Jozini Municipal Mayor, Ndodephethe Mthethwa is one of the ANC members who are transporting these people. He is using his mayoral vehicle to transport people to the registration venues and does whatever he wants at these venues. He threatens people by saying if they don't vote for the ANC they will not get basic services and they will not be offered job opportunities.

We were shocked to see neighbours, who are personally known to us from other wards, taking part in this registration."


"We have reported this case to the Provincial IEC and the Local IEC authorities, because corruption is clearly rife in this registration process. The number of people in this voting station has increased dramatically due to this fraud," she concluded.


The IFP calls for this registration process to be cancelled and started again from scratch using the old voters roll to detect fraudulent registrations.


Issued by:
 IFP Women Brigade Chairperson
Mrs ThembeniKaMadlopha-Mthethwa,

079 114 3015 


IFP Parliamentary Caucus' Media Liaison Officer,
Mr Phendulani Biyase, 073 024 5675