IFP Not Part of New Party to Contest 2014 Elections

18 December 2013        


The leadership of the Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) was shocked to learn this morning from the media, that the IFP has entered into a formal coalition to contest the upcoming 2014 national and provincial elections.


The IFP National Council, the IFP's highest decision-making body, has in the past engaged in extensive discussions on multi-party cooperation politics, the future thereof in South Africa and the IFP's role in such a forum.


Members of the National Council were presented with two models of co-operation which they considered. One such model was that opposition parties in Parliament co-operate with each other, while maintaining their own identities and philosophies. Parties would then wait for the outcome of the elections to decide on how they could form alliances in different provinces.


Members voted unanimously in favour of this option, which is to retain the current system of co-operation between opposition parties, which has seen various parties come together on specific issues, such as opposition to the Protection of State Information Bill and the fight against corruption.


This remains our position.


The IFP has not given its blessing for a new party to be formed, nor have we agreed to be a part of a formal opposition coalition to contest the 2014 elections.


In the past, the IFP has experienced severe challenges when entering into formal coalitions. For example, in KwaZulu Natal the IFP contested the 2004 elections in coalition with the Democratic Alliance, in the "Coalition For Change". More than 250,000 spoilt ballots indicated the depth of confusion among grassroots supporters, who voted for both parties on the ballot paper. This was to the IFP's detriment.


Ms S Nkomo, MP

IFP Secretary-General   076 553 1240.