Angie Motshekga Must Provide Evidence That Virginity Testing is Abusive

18 December 2014. 

The IFP Women's Brigade has challenged Angie Motshekga, ANCWL President to provide evidence that virginity testing is abusive to young women, after she announced that harmful cultural practices like ukuthwala and virginity-testing should be abolished. 

"Motshekga's statement is irresponsible. Her utterances are disturbing to the Royal Family and the Zulu Nation. Anyone who claims that virginity testing is abusive must come forward and provide evidence to support their case. We expect the Women's League to support any efforts to encourage young girls to stay away from sexual relationships before marriage, but once again the ANCWL continues to discourage them," said IFP Womens Brigade National Chairperson, Mrs Thembeni kaMadlopha-Mthethwa. 

"We want to caution Angie Motshekga not to provoke the Royal Household and the Zulu Nation. She should rather be focusing her energies on improving our education system which has failed our children. She should be eradicating mud-schools, improving security in our schools, improving salaries and working conditions of teachers. She must stop talking on behalf of the girls who are proud of participating in virginity testing. She should also understand that the testing is voluntary and the girls are inspected of their own free will," continued Mrs Madlopha-Mthethwa. 

"In 2004 President Jacob Zuma, when he was Deputy President, speaking at the AmaMpondomise heritage celebrations held at Emdibanisweni Great Place near Umtata in the Eastern Cape, said that the ancient practice of virginity testing is a viable solution to curbing the spread of HIV/Aids and teenage pregnancy," concluded Mrs Madlopha-Mthethwa. 

The IFPWB will continue supporting the Zulu Royal Family, and women doing virginity testing in their efforts of promoting abstinence until marriage, because no one has died from virginity testing to date.


Issued by:
IFP Womens Brigade National Chairperson,
Mrs Thembeni KaMadlopha-Mthethwa, MPL, 071 884 3844 or 079 114 3015

Media enquiries:
Mr Phendulani Biyase, IFP Media Liaison Officer, 073 024 5675