IFPYB - President Zuma Not Fit to Govern

19 January 2013      


IFP Youth Brigade National Chairperson, Mkhuleko Hlengwa MP, has blasted President Zuma for his "outright failure to address youth challenges".


Hlengwa was speaking during the Gauteng IFPYB Leadership workshop, in Johannesburg.


"South Africa is faced with the unfortunate situation of having a highly incompetent and fast failing President, particularly when it comes to issues of youth development. President Zuma's tenure has been characterized by an outright failure to address youth challenges. He is most definitely not fit to govern," said Hlengwa.


The high levels of unemployment among the youth ranks high on the list of challenges facing our country, yet very little is being done by the President to address this matter.


"In 2009 Mr Zuma promised that he would create half a million jobs, instead over a million jobs were lost. In 2010 he introduced the Youth Wage Subsidy, which has never seen the light of day. He buckled under the selfish interests of Cosatu, at the expense of the millions who are jobless," added Hlengwa.


He continued, "Just over a week ago Mr Zuma's inner-corrupt self broke his silence when told businesses that supporting the ANC would multiply the fortunes of that business. This statement is reckless and irresponsible, especially coming from the President of the country, but it's not surprising because Mr Zuma still has a dark cloud hanging over his head for his blatant refusal to have his day in court and answer to corruption charges levelled against him."


The National Youth Development Agency is almost 10 months without a board now and Mr Zuma's silence in this regard is deafening. 


"Moreover, in 2009, when announcing the cabinet Mr Zuma made a provision for a youth ministry but that never got off the ground, he buckled under pressure from somewhere," said Hlengwa.


He added, "Under Mr Zuma the youth of this country has had to put up with inconsistency, flip-flopping, backtracking, empty promises and lies.  Zuma is not fit to govern."


On 24 February 2013 Parliament is provisionally scheduled to debate the motion of no-confidence in President Zuma. Hlengwa said "For the love of my country, and deep concern about the plight of the youth of our country when the motion of no confidence is debated I will most definitely vote in favour of a no-confidence vote against Zuma. The IFP has not arrived at the decision to vote Zuma out easily but because we care about this country we will support any move to remove Zuma for his glaring failures to lead this country, offer hope and give direction."


Hlengwa called on the Youth of South Africa to correct the Mangaung mistake. "If the motion of no-confidence does not succeed then the youth of our country will have to correct the mistake of electing Zuma in Mangaung by ensuring that Zuma is not re-elected in 2014," he concluded.



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