Prisoners Connected to the ANC Get Preferential Treatment

19 February 2013          


The IFP is perplexed by the unjust application of the parole system used by the department of Correctional Services to determine which prisoners are paroled.


IFP Spokesperson on Correctional Services, Mr VelaphiNdlovu, MP, said "The Department of Correctional Services seems to prefer giving parole to some prisoners over others, particularly those who are connected with the ANC.


For instance, Prince Sifiso Zulu, who confessed to killing two people whilst driving under the influence of alcohol, is on the verge of being released while Mr Derby Lewis, who is very extremely ill, still languishes in prison."


The IFP believes that prisoners who are friends, supporters and are, in one way or another, financially bankrolling the ANC receive preferential treatment even in prisons.


"The government is creating classes of prisoners, which should not happen in a country where no one should be above the law and all prisoners are required to serve the sentences handed down" said Ndlovu


The IFP calls on the department of Correctional Services to treat all prisoners equally and not be treated according to what political party they are affiliated to.


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Mr VelaphiNdlovu 

IFP MP, On Correctional Services,083 625 0803 

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IFP Parliamentary Caucus' Media Liaison Officer, Mr Phendulani Biyase, 073 024 5675