IFP Not Surprised by Dr Roopnarain and Mr Liptak's Move
to Join the ANC

19 June 2013      


The IFP is not surprised by the move by Mr Roman Liptak and Dr Usha Roopnarain to join the ANC since they were not committed IFP members.


“Both these former IFP KZN MPL’s were squatting in the IFP while building up their pension for their own interest,” said Honourable Blessed Gwala, Leader of the Official Opposition in KZN Legislature.


The IFP wonders why Mr Liptak resisted to attend a hearing when the party tried to engage him on issues that concerned him and the party, instead he rushed to resign to the Speaker of the KZN Provincial Legislature.


“ We are aware that the move was part of a ‘grand plan’ by the ANC in painting a gloomy picture of the IFP before the General Elections in 2014. Both Mr Liptak and Dr Roopnarain are free to join any other party of their own choice without criticising the one which has all these years groomed them and put food on their tables,” said Honourable Gwala.


Contact: Honourable MB Gwala - 078 290 5842
Leader of the Official Opposition in the KZN Legislature