Joint EFF and IFP Media Statement

20 January 2014,  Durban Manor Hotel, Durban


The War Council of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), led by the Commander-in-Chief fighter Julius Malema; and the National Executive Committee of Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP), led by Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi, IFP President have ended a meeting which was the first between the two organisations.


The meeting discussed a number of issues, including unfortunate events of the past which negatively impacted on relations between the President of the IFP and the then President of the ANC Youth League. That history was dealt with amicably and an understanding was reached.


The Commander in Chief conveyed a sincere apology to Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi for the unfortunate remarks he made about him during his tenure as President of the ANC Youth League, and vowed to never make such remarks in the future. The National leadership of the IFP wholeheartedly accepted the apology and acknowledged that this reflects the maturity that defines the EFF’s approach to the electoral politics of South Africa.


In addition, the two parties looked at the problems facing South Africa and how they can be resolved in the interests of millions of the citizens of this country who have waited for almost twenty years to taste the fruits of liberation for which many suffered.


The two parties agreed that indeed millions of South Africans have not experienced the freedom that they fought for. It is a fact that the current government has failed South Africans with regards to doing justice to the issue of land. We believe that a new approach is urgently needed to address this question on the basis that the ‘willing-buyer, willing-seller’ principle has not worked. We also agreed that corruption and nepotism are a cancer in our society that seriously impacts on service delivery.


On Elections:


The two parties also share the view that the role of the IEC must be discussed with a view to finding a situation where elections can really be called free-and-fair. The meeting in particular raised serious concerns about the role played by Electoral Officers from SADTU who as we all know, are aligned to the ANC. We object to their continued use by the IEC. The meeting also expressed concerns at the misuse of the Intelligence apparatus to settle political scores.    


The allocation of elections resources by the IEC and other public institutions always favour the ruling party and this undermines the principle of free and fair elections. Municipal by-laws which regulate how political party posters should be posted in various Municipalities should be amended to allow all political parties to canvass for votes freely.


Although there are fundamental differences between the two organisations with regards to what is best for South Africa, they have agreed that it is more than crucial for parties in opposition to work together to ensure that first the forth-coming national elections are free, fair and just; and secondly that our democracy survives and thrives for the sake of future generations. 


Consequently the two organisations have agreed that they will keep channels of communication open. 


Both EFF and IFP will protect each other during the elections campaign and will ensure that their members campaign in all areas without fear of intimidation and violence.  




EFF and IFP agree that tribalism should never be a tool for political mobilisation. Efforts by the ruling party, particularly in KwaZulu Natal to use tribalism should be opposed, undermined. The people should be educated that governments are chosen for the policy positions they advocate, not for the language they speak.




As a Public Broadcaster, the SABC has an obligation to provide free and fair coverage for all political parties during elections in an equitable manner. The ICASA regulations that allocate the time period for political party coverage during elections do not provide a free and fair environment to all parties to canvass for votes.


Both the EFF and IFP agree that the Public Broadcaster should provide a free, fair and consistent platform for all political parties to campaign for elections. The SABC should cover all political parties’ manifesto launches live.






Mbuyiseni Ndlozi (National Spokesperson)

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Twitter: @EconFreedomZA // Facebook: Economic Freedom Fighters



Joshua Mazibuko (IFP Deputy Spokesperson)

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