Minister Motsoaledi ‘Darned Right on Big Pharma’ - Ambrosini

20 January 2014  


The Minister of Health is painfully, dramatically and tragically right in referring to certain actions of international pharmaceutical conglomerates in terms of “genocide” and “satanic ritual”. Those who are attacking him with such vitriol should stand back and consider the lesson they should have learned long ago from Bertrand Russell. Ours is a world in which the satanic rituals of war, mass human exploitation and endless cruelty of man towards man still characterises vast segments of society’s dynamics. There comes a time when men of courage, working on God’s side, must have the guts to recognise this, as Minister Motsoaledi did. 


As a Libertarian, I am appalled by Big Pharma’s attempts to enlist the Free Market Foundation in its efforts to protect its Intellectual Property rights [IP]. Internationally, the Libertarian movement has long taken a stand against IP when IP no longer rewards or serves mankind’s eternal strife towards progress and upliftment, but only serves the purpose of unproductive profit accumulation, monopolies and restriction of the very freedom of the marketplace. 


The constant rate of on average 20% profit achieved by conglomerate pharmaceutical industries over the years is a clear sign of how IP reduces both market freedom and consumer welfare and benefit. Big Pharma has written too many pages in blood and tears; our blood and our tears. Nothing is more true with respect to Big Pharma’s insistent and worldwide lobbying action which has thus far prevented the emergence and acceptance of effective treatments, if not cures, for the pandemic of Cancer, which worldwide exacts a toll of 10 million deaths a year and affects one person in 2,8 – and is bound to increase. 


Yet, effective and harmless treatment such as Bicarbonate of Sodium, and THC, which is an oil derived from Cannabis (dagga), are illegal in South Africa, causing people to die unnecessarily in their hundreds of thousands after journeying through hell on earth, not from Cancer, but from bad law, bad policy, bad politics and capitalist politicians with no balls. 


In this context, we the suffering people, we the patients, cannot but hail a Minister who, acting under God, is proving his heart is in the right place and strength is in his arm. 




Dr Mario GR Oriani-Ambrosini MP, 082 556 0240