President Jacob Zuma's Backers Must Donate to the Needy

20 October 2014.


The IFP calls on President Zuma's backers to rather donate to the needy instead of wasting money on attempting to bail out President Jacob Zuma, after one of these tycoons offered to raise funds and settle President Jacob Zuma's debt, after the security upgrades at his private homestead in Nkandla.


"President Zuma is not poor, he can afford to pay his debt. With his monthly salary he can afford to pay all his debt without any bail out. He cannot accept such an offer as it will mean that he acknowledges that the money spent on his home constitutes unlawful spending of public funds," said IFP Secretary General, Ms Sibongile Nkomo.


"If these so called backers are keen to offer financial assistance, they should rather focus on helping needy people rather than wasting money on this issue. There are many people in our country who are in desperate need of food and shelter, therefore these so called good Samaritans should divert their goodwill to help those in need, as they are the ones who deserve assistance," continued Ms Sibongile Nkomo.


"This offer by these so called backers raises more questions such as whether President Zuma approached them for assistance. Has he agreed that he knows what was happening at his home and therefore wants to pay back the money?


Why has this group agreed to help pay this huge sum of money? Will there be more corrupt deals handed out to those who are coming to rescue the leader of the ANC? If President Zuma is not guilty of any wrong doing in this matter he must show his true leadership by not accepting this offer," concluded Ms Nkomo.



Issued by:

Ms Sibongile Nkomo, MP, IFP Secretary General,  076 5531240,


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Mr Phendulani Biyase, IFP Media Officer, 073 024 5675