Durban: January 21, 2005

The National Chairperson of the IFP Youth Brigade, Mr Thulasizwe Buthelezi today expressed concern at the continued lawlessness reigning in South Africa, the most recent incident being the murder of Thomas Shabalala in KwaZulu-Natal yesterday evening.

Thulasizwe said:

"When fathers are murdered in front of their children it is a clear indication that something is very wrong in society. In fact, it is like a loud red neon light, flashing that people are not safe. This reality needs to be dealt with. And it needs to be dealt with NOW."

"The ANC's recipe and approach for dealing with safety and security has not been effective. Sure they may quote statistics and figures in a public relations attempt to make the people of South Africa believe that they are safe but all victims of violence and abuse know differently. We are suffering. We are feeling unsafe. To me, this means that something has to change."

"One of the fundamental differences between the IFP and the ANC is our attitude concerning the management of power. While the ANC has a more centrist approach the IFP believes in a more federal arrangement. Now I know that there are many who will not even pretend to suppress a groan of horror when I bring this topic up, believing it to be totally irrelevant to the issue of safety and security, but believe me - it is key. Having being failed by the centrist management of crime it is now vital that a true federalist, and not quasi-federal, option is implemented. After all, we have nothing left to loose, having been so miserably failed so far. And I think that we all agree that the people of South Africa need to begin feeling safe, especially children and women."

"The IFP Youth Brigade therefore calls on President Thabo Mbeki to immediately put steps in place that will devolve real power to Provincial Ministries of Safety and Security. The kind of power that allows Provincial Governments to create local and effective strategies aimed at decreasing crime in each Province, especially violent crime and abuse. "

"The IFP Youth Brigade further believes that the only thing worse than Police Officers being killed in the line of duty, is when Police Officers kill innocent people. The IFP Youth Brigade calls on the National Government to revisit all legislation that pertains to the manner in which Police Officers are expected to carry out their work. Further more Police Officers also have the right to feel safe in the line of duty, which means that the relevant legislation will need to be effected. This, we believe, will ensure that they do their job better, which in turn will lead to a safer society. "

Thulasizwe concluded:

"The IFP Youth Brigade echoes calls for a speedy investigation and arrest of the assassins of Mr Thomas Shabalala. We send our condolences to his family."

"Mshengu was much loved by all of us. We will all miss him."

Thulasizwe Buthelezi - 083 482 7936