The IFP is concerned about the instability at some universities in the country.

Durban: Date: 21 February 2005

Mr A Mpontshane MP said:

“Whilst we expected birth pains during the mergers, the alleged causes of instability call for immediate and decisive action by both the Department of Education and the management of the institutions concerned.

“We also call for constraints on the part of students, whilst we support their right to protest. The destruction of public property which has accompanied such protests can not be condoned. Students must outlive the struggle mentality which did not respect others’ lives and properties.

“We also call on the Department of Education to ensure that the equalisation process in terms of salaries, student fees, conditions of service is fast-tracked, otherwise we’ll see endless protests. The previously disadvantaged universities must not be made to feel that they are being swallowed by the previously advantaged institutions in these mergers. Give and take is a sine quo non in these educational marriages.”

Mr A Mpontshane MP

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