Let Us Celebrate International Mother Language Day
by Promoting Our Mother Languages

21 February 2013          


Today is International Mother Language Day and a day in which the IFP would like to encourage all South Africans to speak in their mother tongues. Our languages are precious and must be protected as part of our rich cultural heritage. Our Children must have the benefit of learning and speaking in their mother tongues.


This year's International Mother Language Day theme is, "mother tongue instruction and inclusive education". It encourages us to teach our children their mother languages so that they do not lose touch with their culture and heritage.


It is important that our children be taught their mother languages at schools irrespective of whether the medium of instruction at the school is English. All mother languages should be offered as subjects in schools in order to promote and protect our rich cultural diversity.


The Department of Education should provide all necessary resources such as textbooks, teachers and literature at schools and public libraries in order to promote African languages.


Our Children deserve the benefits associated with foundational learning in one's mother tongue.


Asiziqhenye ngolimi lwethu! (Let us be proud of our languages)



Contact: IFP Spokesperson on Arts and Culture, Mrs. Hilda Msweli MP, 072 513 1833


IFP Parliamentary Caucus' Media Liaison Officer, Ms Boniswa Tiwe, 072 497 1252