By-election Postponement a Victory for Justice

21 May 2013    



The IFP has hailed the postponement of the Jozini by-election as a victory for justice and fairness. This the party said in a statement issued this afternoon following the IEC's decision to postpone the Ward 4 by-election that was scheduled for 22 May, after the IFP lodged a protest alleging that the ANC had engaged in fraudulent activities.


IFP National Chairperson of the Women's Brigade, Ms Thembeni KaMadlopha Mthethwa said: "This day will go down in history as the day on which justice triumphed over political shenanigans of the ANC. As the IFP in Jozini we lodged a complaint with the IEC to the effect that the ANC had brought in people who were not resident in Ward 4 to register for the coming by-election.


'When it appeared as if the IEC was a bit reluctant to listen, we engaged our attorney and that led to the IEC agreeing to postpone the by-election and committing itself to investigating the allegations of fraud.


"It was very crucial for us to pursue this matter especially as we move towards the general elections. We hope that this step will deter all those who work in the dark to distort the will of the people through the politics of deceit."


For Further Information:

Ms Thembeni KaMadlopha Mthethwa

National Chairperson: IFP Women's Brigade

079 114 3015