IFP Rejects the Approved Transport Laws
and Related Matters Amendment Bill

22 May 2013    


Yesterday the IFP rejected the approved Transport Laws and Related Matters Amendment Bill which was subsequently passed by the Parliamentary Select Committee on Public Service.


IFP Member of Parliament, Prince Muntukaphiwana Zulu, said, "As the IFP, we are totally opposed to this Bill. The people have not been properly consulted on E-tolling. The residents of Gauteng have every right to be upset about this bill."


"The Bill will provide additional powers to collect money from road users and empower the Cross-Border Road Transport Agency to collect toll on behalf of SANRAL. While there have been grievances about the harshness and unfairness of the e-tolling system to the poor residents and citizens of Gauteng, government persistently argues the system is a necessity and is going ahead with the E-tolling regardless of the citizen," said Prince Zulu.


The IFP is also on record as opposing the establishment of any toll or ramp plazas within KZN to offset funding of the N2 corridor from Amanzimtoti to the Eastern Cape. SANRAL and the Department of Transport must look at other options to fund the construction of this programme.


Issued by: IFP NCOP Member, Prince Muntukaphiwana Zulu, MP, 082 215 0089


IFP Parliamentary Caucus' Media Liaison Officer, Mr PhendulaniBiyase, 073 024 5675